CD 124 Hemi w/ great swirls! CLOSED: $130

By Bill Meier; posted September 27, 2005

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We took this out of our personal Hemingray collection.

The amber swirls give the piece more of a green appearance. Decent swirls any way you look at it. Picture above shows a more dramatic one over the dome. Picture is "all natural", base lite and back lite. Of course, as with most amber swirls they do look better with backlighting. You can't appreciate this as much just holding it in your hand.

Only significant damage is three missing drips towards the left mold line (see photo). Several BB sized bubbles to add a little extra character.

While the swirling in each of these pieces is unique and affects price, the price guide lists "Aqua w/ Amber Swirls" for $200-$250. I'd never put it on my sales table for the opening bid, of $50 but let's see some fast action here! (posted it, then checked my email, and its at $100 now!)

100% to the American Red Cross and free shipping. Closes Sunday, Oct 2 at 10pm eastern.

Please note I will be away at the Eastern Regional, but the hotel says they have wireless Internet access, so I should be able to update the bids fairly often. I'll be leaving Thurs AM. I will be bringing the piece to the Eastern Regional if you want to see it in person. It will NOT be sold at the show!