CD 145 H.G.CO. "J Green" - Closed: $200.00

By Rob Gilkerson; posted September 22, 2005

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CD 145 [130] H.G.CO. Petticoat "J Green" - Start $100.00

100% Donation to Katrina/Rita Red Cross Efforts " Free shipping.

Color: Yellow Green? SPEC-TRU color best matches slide 540.

Damage: About 2.5" of base nibbles, six shallow upper wire slices, one 1/4" long scratch, one bb chip out of dome, & three shallow base slices. Plus nearly all of the inter skirt is missing.

Fantastic color, displays well even with the damage. Still a great piece! If it was in mint condition, one would expect to pay at least $800.

Providence: I found this in the mid 90's on a down pole near Brighton Blvd & I-270 in the Metro Denver area. Was last offered for sale at the 2004 Western Regional.

Auction ends Friday September 30th at midnight MST.