CD 735 Mulford & Biddle / UPRR - Inky Cobalt Blue Sale

By Chris Seamons; posted September 21, 2005

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Here is a pretty, dark cobalt (termed cobalt by many but is more of the ink/teal blue coloration.) Embossing is all there but base has damage that is commonly found on these threadless insulators. There is a 3/4"w x 1/4"h shallow chip below "MULF" on the front and an area of chipping just in front of the left mold line around to the back that is approx. 1 3/4"w x 3/8"h. There is a bruise associated with this chipping that starts on the rear base between the P and R in UPRR and goes to the right of the last R. There is a small bruise on the upper wire ridge on the front above the "&". The glass is overall shiny and there are a couple of small bubbles and an olive streak from the front dome to the wire ridge.

Price: $450 includes shipping and insurance to your door. Seven day refund minus shipping/insurance if not satisfied.