Great Starter Set FREE SHIPPING - CLOSED: $100

By Robert Maniaci; posted September 21, 2005

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4 good insulators to start someone off in this hobby CD 102 Brookfield {090} Aqua, CD 121 Unembossed Duquesne {010} (small bruise on skirt, no glass missing), CD 128 Pyrex (clear){040}, CD 128 Hemmingray(Clear){005}. This is a good starter set to help out good people in our country who need our aid. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS TO GO TO RELIEF...FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. AUCTION ENDS Oct. 1st 2005 at 12: 00p.m. EST . " WINNING BIDDER STATED THAT ITEMS ARRIVED SAFELY 10/05/05 AND CHECK IS IN ROUTE TO BILL". (WINNER, WISHES TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS)