Killer Yellow Swirled CD 154!

By Caleb Thimell; posted September 19, 2005

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I'm slowly thinning out some choice pieces out of my collection. This CD 154 yellow swirled Dominion 42 is a catalog sale quality insulator! It is one of my earliest pieces added to my collection from Carol McDougald in a trade for one of my fabulous foamy bubble packed 154 Zicmes! This beauty is in VVNM shape with just a super tiny inner skirt flake that to me looks like a mold flaw. Photo taken with strict 5000K Full-Spectrum lighting! Guarenteed to be a true Yellow insulator! No stains, alterations, radiation, cough syrup, etc. The black specks in the upper threading will likely come clean as I have made no attempt to clean it. The Yellow Swirls are much more pronounced than my photo shows. Do not confuse this beauty with the relatively scarce light yellow ambers that occasionally show up. First $500 plus shipping gets it. I can combine shipping on any of my items, and accept 3 monthly payments for any purchase that totals $500/up. Thanks!