CD 221 Hemingray-68 "Locke Hi-Top" - CLOSED: $150

By Bill Meier; posted September 14, 2005

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Donated by Steve Blair. All proceeds to the Red Cross. This is a very unique piece, and don't let the "dump spec" scare you away... It actually displays fairly well. See above photo. First, it's a Hemingray-68 ... how many have you seen? Second, it's a "Locke Hi-Top" style... How many have you seen? What is a "Locke Hi-Top" style? It is named after the Locke porcelain piece of the same shape. [035] embossing.

Compare these ears to the typical CD 221. These are much less rounded. The top of the ears are flat, and they aren't very tall. The dark spot in the middle is the brass bushing (do not remove!). Also there is a step-up ring on the upper fin. See the red arrows. Also something not found on your other CD 221's.

Without a doubt a "must have" for a Hemingray collector or power collector interested in this unique variation. If a clear CD 221 doesn't turn you on, this piece isn't for you.

Condition isn't ideal ... some surface etching, and the embossing is faint. HEMINGRAY-68 / 0-4:. (1937 production -- all your others are 1938). About 1/3 of one ear has some moderate chipping and has a fracture in it, and perhaps 2" of one of the "fins" is broken off. You can see this in the top view. 2" arc fracture at the base, but the piece is still attached. Consider the rarity with the condition... My personal opinion is that the price guide value is very low considering the rarity. I'll start it low so as not to scare people away...

Closes Thursday, Sept 22 at 10pm eastern (7 pm pacific)