CD 162 Hemingray-19 Starter Kit Closed: $210

By Jeanette Hoste; posted September 13, 2005

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Here are three beautiful Hemingray 19's that would make an excellent starter kit for someone looking to get into CD 162's. They are all embossed on the front skirt with HEMINGRAY-19 and on the rear MADE IN U.S.A.. The amber has a couple tiny flea bites and an outer skirt bruise approx. one inch wide. One round drip point appears to have a tiny sliver of glass missing from the bruise. The two tone has a couple tiny pecks and a vertical crack running through the upper wire groove approx. one to one and a half inches long with a small bruise branching from that. Perfect round drip points. The 7 up green has two chip/flakes and a small crack to the inner skirt. Perfect round drip points on this one also.

This great threesome makes an awesome display! All monies will be donated to Red Cross and I will throw in the shipping and insurance to the lucky winner! Auction will close on September 25 at 11 pm Eastern time.

Closed $210.