CD 154 Canadian version - CLOSED: $20

By James Mulvey; posted September 13, 2005

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I have tried to find an insulator to donate to this cause. trouble was, anything I have found myself isn't worth more than the postage, and pieces that I have bought I'd kinda like to keep.

So I have come up with this one. With the threaded innerskirt. CD 154 D in diamond FS ; D in diamond RS with what I believe is the CNR blotout. There is a chance that it is only a mold repair but In all honesty I do not believe that is the case.

One fleabite on the LWG on the blotout side (naturally). Dark straw with a hint of peach. Not as peachy as this picture shows. Desperatly in need of a good cleaning.

All proceeds to the red Cross and I pay the postage. Ends Fri Sep 23 8pm. eastern time