CD 145 KCGW Beehive Light Aqua - CLOSED: $60

By Gene Hawkins; posted September 12, 2005

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This is right from my shelf. It was one of the first KCGW beehives I've owned, and was displayed at the 2003 Wheaton, IL show. It is the light aqua color. There are straw marks in the dome, and there is a nice arc mark from the wire groove straight through the C. G., which I tried to show in the photo. It is more visible while holding it. It has the 3 inner skirt vents and the top of the pinhole drip point. There is a couple of bb dings on the rear, one just under the wire groove and the bb got a tiny flake of the upper wire groove too. The other bb ding is a dime size fisheye. This sounds MUCH worse than it is as it displays mint. This aution is over. Thanks to all bidders!

Oh-ALL the money raised goes to the Katrina fund.