Big Mouth & Signal Pair - CLOSED: $350

By Dwayne Anthony; posted September 9, 2005

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This auction is for BOTH insulators. The clear CD 128.4 Big Mouth is from the Milholland collection. It has an area of very light surface pecking above and below the mouth area, but overall very good condition with no chips or cracks. Contains the original metal insert, which can easily be removed if you wish. The 7-up green Hemingray 19 signal is a nice glower. There are some satiny patches on the surface of the dome, but they disappear with back lighting. Other than one very insignificant surface annealing stress line near the threads of the inner skirt, there are no chips or cracks. A nice pair, so be generous for the cause. Opening reserve is $100. Closed at: $350. Closed Tuesday, September 20 at 7 pm pacific--10 pm eastern. 100% to American Red Cross. Thanks to all bidders and congratulations to the winning bidder!