10 Ft tall insulator fountain

By James Mulvey; posted August 30, 2005

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These 3 aluminum step ladders cost $10 from the scrapyard. In this, the initial assembly, it looks like 12 would make a circle. I'm only going to use the front half of each ladder and bolt them together. Assembled they will resemble a teepee. The different heights of the ladders is more appealing to me than having them all the same height, but all tall ladders would give more display area. I will likely leave two spaces in the assembly ( use 10 instead of 12 ladders) on opposite sides for access to the inside. This way I can put it in the garden and let the clematis climb on it. Aluminum doesn't rust and takes screws well so securing the insulators shouldn't be any problem. Running a garden hose and a top mounted lawn sprinkler is an option, functional as well as decorative as you water the garden. I doubt that I will install lights although it would be simple. I have heard several times that lights cause a heat buildup and the old glass can't handle the stress, with the result that it shatters. I suspect that even new glass of recent production is no different. A light on the inside creating heat and a source of cooler water around the outside can only spell disaster. I may even try a few muds up there. I have boxes of the things and no way display very many.