CD 152 BOOKFIELD Error - the 'ultimate 152'

By Lee Brewer; posted August 2, 2001

Original not available


The Ultimate 152? Read on and see what you think!

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]The color in this pic is not even close to real life. This piece has green and aqua tones along with heavy amber swirling (three colors). By underlighting it recently I also found quite a bit of milk swirling in its outer and inner skirts! It also has a small rock included. The embossing is very unusual because not only does it possess a very strong ghosted embossing (sometimes better than the actual lettering!), but the ghosted word is "BOOKFIELD"(note the spelling). The ghosting should have been "ROOKFIELD", but since this piece is also a "BBOOKFIELD" error embossing, the ghosting may actually have created a unique 'BOOKFIELD" embossed piece! I have jokingly labeled this as a CD 152 (F-Skirt) [arc] BOOKFIELD / BBOOKFIELD in green-aqua-amber!