CD 145 CREB - Let it Snow!

By Lee Brewer; posted August 2, 2001

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I used this neat photo in my classes to teach an object lesson in fact vs. politically correct opinion. How? This picture was taken towards the END of MAY 2001 (the end of the school year). According to the global warming theory (when it was first proposed), we in the Erie, PA area were to have palm trees growing on our lakeshore by the year 2000. Instead, after a few warm years in the late 80's, we have reverted to our 'normal' weather patterns again. We still have frost even into the first couple weeks of June sometimes. No palm trees here! Amazing how little glass thing-a-ma-bobs can teach science vs. political correctness! If people hear something long enough - they believe it despite what the facts dictate!

You must be hallucinating if you see a killer frost on this insulator - global warming prohibits this type of weather! It is awful pretty though! It's funny, I ALWAYS hallucinate like this during this type of year and have since I was a kid.! Want to see some pretty hallucinations? [id=1296462][id=1296556] And here is one from 2003 - 2 years later when it should have been even warmer! [id=53904120]