CD 145 CREB Chartreuse w/ yellow swirls!

By Lee Brewer; posted August 1, 2001

Original not available


CD 145 [090] 23 / (arc) W. BROOKFIELD / 45 CLIFF ST / NY

(arc) PAT'D NOV 13th 1883 / FEB 12th 1884 {MLOD}

As far as I have been able to tell, this piece has just one other like it. It's twin's embossing has been 'masked' (We traced and overlaid this piece's embossings and overlaid them onto the other piece) to verify they indeed are from the same mould. The theory is these two beauties were the brightest two from the same batch of glass. Others have been found which have similar shading, but they lack the glow. A stunning CREB!