CD 145 CREB in Light Yellow Green for SALE or TRADE

By Mike Csorbay; posted August 15, 2005

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I've moved this from the "For Sale" folder in case one of you CREB-Heads might be interested in it... The price is negotiable, and may also work a trade or trade plus cash, etc. What have you? Debbie and I are mainly interested in CD 143's, especially the unembossed ones, but also favor other Canadian styles such as 136.4, 133.2, 162.4 as well. Original description remains below... thanks for looking!

Not an "expert" in CREB colors, not even sure of the embossing... looks to be either a [205] or [230], as there is a backwards 11 on the crown, over the arc-embossed W.BROOKFIELD, then straight lined 45 CLIFF ST. (T is underlined), and finally N.Y. underneath. No embossing on rear. Looks to me to be 2 mini WG rubs, a couple of dome pinpricks, and one IS vent teat away from Mint, so VNM? Again, not sure on the range of shades of Yellow Green on these, so maybe this is a steal, or maybe it's too much, but I'm asking $200 shipped and insured. Shown beside a Yellow Green CD 121 B.T.Co. of Can. for color comparison only, and I'd say the color is spot-on to what these pieces look like in person. Thanks for looking!

**January 3 2006 update** Still have this one up for sale or trade; have reduced the price to $125 ($200 *WAS* a bit hopeful, I'll admit!) -- OR -- a trade for any of the following;

CD 131 BROOKFIELD, any embossing, but hopefully clearly embossed, VVNM+ and with some interesting milk, amber, snot or other gunk inside the glass...

CD 131.4 L.G.T. & CO. in similar condition as above...

Or any of what was already mentioned above, CD 143, 136.4, 133.2, 162.4 etc etc in whacko colours, etc... Thanks again!