Early Canadian Porcelain Multipart

By Barrett Nicpon; posted August 6, 2005

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Here's another in the lengthy series of inquisitve pictures regarding my recent porcelain splurge.

I picked up this multipart, marked "[id=127928594;CP CO]", which I assume is an acronym for "Canadian Porcelain Company", from an antique store the other day. The crown is covered in cracks, I assume from expansion of the cement holding the two shells together. To my knowledge, this marking would predate the ink stamp "P inside a C", but post date the "cent" marking. It looks like a lilly shell multipart to me! Can anyone tell me what the M-# is, or how old this beaut is? The piece measures 5 3/4" tall, by 7 1/4" wide, at the widest skirt. Any help would be appreciated!

Update! Upon conversing with Mr. Gish, I was told that no M-# had been assigned! So, he asked for a better profile shot, so that a drawing could be made, and I was told this piece has been assigned the M-2244 listing! I'm ecstatic! However, I must keep my composure - other collectors have told me they have, or have seen these before. Paul Axman has 2 examples, both marked and unmarked, and Phil Ort has a marked piece! Several collectors also confirmed that it is of Canadian Porcelain manufacture, especially Paul, who informed me that he had dug pieces at the Canadian Porcelain dump site. Thank you, everyone!