Two Odd & Green Porcelain Signals

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 30, 2005

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Actually, they're only odd in that their U-# is a mystery to me.

Now that I've finally acquired a copy of Elton Gish and Jack Todd's porcelain insulator book set, I'm going through all the porcelain I own and cataloging it. The U-#s seem to be fairly easy to master, but these two pieces elude me. Maybe they're Canadian, and therefore aren't listed, but they don't strike me as resembling Canadian Porcelain manufacturing techniques.

The piece on the left is a faded shade of sagey green which appears to have brown undertones. It came from a local farmer's barn. It's dimensions are ~3 1/4" tall, by ~3 3/8" wide.

The piece on the right is a more vibrant french green shade. It came from a yardsale for $1. It's dimensions are ~3 3/8" tall by ~3 1/4" wide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

This just in! An incredibly helpful collector has indicated that these are, from left to right, U-293, and U-297. Thank you!