Rare French Radio Strain- Smallest Known!

By Caleb Thimell; posted July 20, 2005

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Here's a very unusual French radio strain in crystal clear. It is unmarked and measures 2.25 inches from end to end. If measured from the top inside of the eyelet to the base (as if it were hanging) it measures 2 inches. One end of eyelet is ground smooth from the factory. It was made in a two piece mold with the mold line running around the outer perimeter of the 'dogbone'. Appears to have a mold line running around the circumference in the middle of the strain as well, but its hard to imagine using four piece mold for such a tiny insulator! Notice the sloping, narrowing eyelets on both sides too. Enjoy. :-)

Update: This strain is very similar to a US made Birnbach radio strain.