Eastern Mining Area Transmission Line AZ Display

By Bill Ostrander; posted July 15, 2005

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I conducted my hunts and research over 6 years to get all the information, photographs, and actual hardware and wire samples for each upgrade to finally assemble this display. Pretty much as rare of porcelain as the Fred Locke stuff, but not quite as collectable. I forgot to mention in the display that I wasn't able to publish a line location map at the request of the line owner, as the line is still active after nearly 100 years! The small dead-end looking suspensions on the right were actually used for the phone line, and date to 1913 when the upgrade to suspensions was performed. They are the same glaze and metal shell as the Locke Victor suspensions. The first part of the slide show on the computer told of the history of the line, and the second highlighted the hunts and research. It took 4 hours to set up! :) See http://www.ecandm.com/temp/natdisplay4.jpg for a full-size photo.