Jeese! Insulator Pin

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 10, 2001

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Even on a Caribbean vacation I can't keep my mind off insulators. We went on an Island tour of Antigua, and while driving through one of the more run-down parts of the island, I noticed an insulator sitting at the base of a pole in the front yard of one of the homes. So, naturally, I yelled, "STOP!". Our diver was nice enough to do so, And I ran back to the place where I had spotted it, It turned out to be a broken multipart insulator, with a heavy still pin screwed into the base, my parents told me not to bring the insulator, as it was broken, but I did get a neat little multipart pin, which I was surprised they allowed my bringing of it back onto the cruise ship. So it remains there today, don't tell me if it was anything valuable, because the poles there were covered in them, all abandoned, see my "Insulators in service" pic. After I made the discovery, it kind of ruined the rest of my tour, as I spent the rest of it, staring at the bases of passing poles, so I didn't get to see much of the beautiful scenery.