Another curious porcelain piece.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 5, 2005

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Here are two pieces I picked up from another junk shop (not the one with the kind elderly gentleman and the box of glass for $10). The one on the left is a beauty of a blue strain, identical to the one listed in the ICON porcelain pages photo album. The piece on the right, however, is more of a mystery. It's another piece quite unusual to me, though I'm quite sure it's a common piece in the U.S., as I believe I've seen them before. Irregardless, I would appreciate any help anyone could give me!

The piece is approximately 4 inches tall, and 3 1/8 inches wide at the base. it looks almost like a CD 162 style with an extended skirt, or a CD 145 with a CD 162 dome. However, if the official identification of insulators was based on observations such as this, we'd all be a lot more confused, a lot more of the time. Please aide!

Looks like, based on information presented to me by Clint Gaylord, and Michael Jones that it's a U-250. Massive thanks for the help!