The BEST Insulator Find.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 1, 2005

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When I was somewhere around age 6 or so, I was rooting around in the woodlot across the ravine from our house (we have a fairly large piece of property in the country with a large gorge of a ravine, and an old county dump on it; rooting around was something I did a lot), when I came across this mounted on a badly decayed wooden side pin on the top of an even more terribly decayed telephone pole laying on it's side under some bushes.. My mom told me when they originally moved into the house around 15 years earlier, the pole had been standing, with the old copper line wire which used to run to it wrapped around it several times. At some point the pole had run telephone from the side road next to us over to our house. As can be assumed, though, that was years earlier, and that line had since been removed. I thought the green glass was stunning, and set it up on a shelf in my room with my favourite bottles. Years later, that pole is still there, and this piece, whatever colour it may be, can be considered my first insulator! Wish I could find a pole like that anywhere else! I guess this insulator verifies the proverb "There's no place like home.".