3 dollar insulator HELP!!!

By Wesley Lirette; posted June 19, 2005

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In this group there is an insulator i picked up yesterday while driving back from Pa where i got a good load of 145's from Tim Grantz, Ron Barth, Chris Cotnoir, and John Rajpolt. i had checked many antique stores on the way up through Maine on Route 1. I was not having much luck in finding any that were at a good price. One dealer had Crebs that were aqua (145's) that he wanted 8.00 for. we all know they book for 1-2 but he insisted he gets this price all the time for them. Well the 2002 inventory sticker gave that away and i let him keep the for a while longer, perhaps when i go again next year i can remind him that 4 years is not a big seller. anyways, i had given up checking shops because time was getting short and i was not finding any 145's at all. I stoped into one shop (can't remember the town or name of shop as there were so many) and in the back corner on a window sill there was this 3.00 Insulator. I brought it to the counter and asked the ladies if this was 3.00 and they said yes. Well i kept my poker face and paid for it. I forgot to bring my price book on the trip so i had to wait until i got home last night to look up the min/max value. there are 3 listings in this 143's section and I'm not quite sure what one it is. Oh you are probably wondering which one i am asking help for, well it is the ROYAL PURPLE one, yes that is right 3.00 !!!!!! (Finally i find a jackpot insulator forsale that i am always hearing about everyone else getting)

now that i have drug you through the ringer here are the details

it is MLOD, NO Embossing CD 143 i have a picture posted in the next post of the base.

there are 3 Royal Purples shown 040, 050, 060

I have placed a 050 on the right and a 010 canadian pacific 143on the left beside them for comparison.

thanks for the help