The WEATHER is very very crazy...

By Zoltan Drinoczi; posted June 10, 2005

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The weather is very crazy at this times. Here was hard wind storm with ice rain.. Now here is raining all of the week, and here is only 6-8 dergees Celsius, it is very cold and I feel very cold at (!) JUNE. At last week here was very hot, 30-35 degrees Celsius, and now only 8-9.. It is not natural! It botch my Insulator huntings, when I took my hardest exam :-(

All of Europe is bad the weather, In Portugal and Greece is very hot with dry, and in Austria, Croatia and in the lower mountains is (!) snow at JUNE! Lot of storm, ice storm and flood with come cold... Our furtune, we are between mountains, in a basin, and they protect us the really hard storms..

But it is crasy, I feel very cold at JUNE, chill and snow are on a 1000 meters tall mount.. The 20 Celsius difference at only one and two days means very hard sorms..

At about year ago a storm destroyed great forestes in the north Carpathians in Slovak, from that time our rivers are very crasy, there are nothing which hold up the water.. The both countries are working the setup back the forestes.

Now I feel cold, it is raining, the wind is big at some times and I can not go to hunting..