Fred M Locke U-964 & cemented cousins

By Mike Spadafora; posted June 1, 2005

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A collection of Fred Locke related styles reunited together for the first time in 100 years... These three styles were as listed in the 1904 Locke Catalog: #101 23 kv (M-2220b ), cat #103 23 kv,( M-2250 ). cat. # 100 27 kV (U-964). There is an alternate version of the U-964 with a 1" pin hole. It was listed as cat. #100a. The #101 (M-2220b) was also cataloged as available with a 1" pin hole as cat #102 . The U-964 is rather common in collections and comes with both pin hole versions. The #103 (M-2250) is extremely rare with less then six known to exist . The smallest #101(M-2220a) is a one of a kind Fred Locke style There are no known examples of the 1" pin hole version of this style. The #101 (M-2220b) uses the same inner skirt as the M-2332 and M-2335 all three styles use the same plaster mold set to make for the top shell and are MLOD. Please see the next photo for a bottom view of these three.[id=122236343] A late note 11/09: Two additional specimens of the M-2220a have surfaced in southwest Oregon one marked and one unmarked . It appears they were associated with the Gold Ray dam near Medford, Or. Two sulfur cemented specimens of the M-2250 have also surfaced, one with marking 7-1. These were used in the Spier Falls Power house in the bus structure near Glens falls, N.Y. and were removed by the former chief operator in the early 1970's