Hemingray "Section 1" found in Michigan!

By Bill Meier; posted June 1, 2005

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This is a massive Hemingray "Section 1" that stands nearly 24" tall, and weighs about 11 pounds. Up to now, only one whole example is known. Now there are two CD 317.8 / 313 / 313 / 313.1 !! One wooden, and one glass...

This is spalted ash. The log was cut from a downed tree from a friend's wooded property in Michigan. We wound up walking about a half mile back to a creek looking for the "perfect piece" and found it laying across the creek. Perfect combo for spalting... water and shade. (with shade it will hold water longer)

Now, ash is heavy when it's dry, imagine what it's like when it's wet! This combo must have been perfect because that is the first log I have seen with spalting all the way to the heart!

This is it! Now to drag it 1/2 mile back to the truck. It was about 14" in diameter. and cut into four 2 foot sections.

As for the red spot, That was put there by mother nature. I'm not sure what caused it but I know the same kind of red spot shows up in box elder maple and in that lumber it is caused by a wound to the tree.

I'm pretty sure that this one will remain a "one of a kind".

By now, you know the only couple who could pull off this search and rescue mission, and be able to craft this wooden masterpiece...

. . . Mark and Elaine Corriero . . .

I'm honored and deeply appreciate their gratitude. A standout for sure in our Hemingray collection.

Bill & Jill