Yellow Olive Green Chartreuse? BE American 145

By Jeanette Hoste; posted May 30, 2005

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This is an excellent example of a Base Embossed CD 145 American in an outstanding color! The American on the left is a yellow olive green from our collection for comparison only. We have shown this to several people and no two agree on the color. :( What they do agree on is that this is not the typical yellow olive green, hence the chartreuse? Has a letter on the dome and is embossed on the base with AM. INSULATOR CO. N.Y. DOUBLE PETTICOAT/PAT'D SEPT. 13, 1881, NOV. 13, 1883.. Very nice rock in the dome, some other bits floating around, and some nice bubbles with stringers. Has a couple very small dings to the dome and a small ding to the upper wire groove. Email me if you would like more pictures. Asking $2000 which includes shipping. Color has more yellow-mustard tones than the picture indicates.