2 Number 5's, do these count?

By Wesley Lirette; posted May 13, 2005

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Hi Lee and everyone. It is not to often that i get to contribute to the CREB section being a new CREB collector. I read your post the other day and i decided this morning to check my CREB's in the basement. I found 2 with # 5's on them and they are both different scrolls. They are both the [090] mold.

I have about 12 more out in the garage that have some damage (junk box) to check out.

Thanks for the little project, it was fun to look through all my CREBS and even more exciting to actually find not 1 but 2.

I buy so many CREBS on the chance that i might have a different one that i can't remember where they all come from, but by the spot i had these at i think they came from a purchase last fall in Maine.