Almost Fooled Me - Yellow Green HG 162 on eBay.

By Brian Riecker; posted May 8, 2005

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Saw this item listed on eBay and commenced with all the usual questioning when an item like this gets listed.

The pics look great and it definitely looks good compared to the aqua Mickey. The piece even looks to have some sooty residue on it. I've never seen a stained insulator with soot before, but never say never.

I told him it was worth somewhere between $500-2000 depending on exact color, depth of color and condition.

I did say there was a possibility of it being stained and would he try to clean it and referred him to the cleaning page on After it was cleaned it was aqua. DARN!

The one thing that made me leery from the start was that this is a "New Script" mold and not the Transition or Stamp type embossing that comes in yellow green. To date, I have not seen a Script in a deep yellow green, but they do come in a Limey Apple Green.

I did not handle it in person, but corresponded with the seller.

The auctioneer withdrew the auction in order to clean the insulator and find out if it was stained.

Be careful folks. Brian