Geographically Unsound

By Barrett Nicpon; posted May 4, 2005

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This may seem like just any ordinary DOMINION - 42 CD 154 sitting in any ordinary stairwell... but in reality... it's not just any ordinary stairwell! I admit the DOMINION - 42 is painfully normal, but this particular piece is making it's first ever appearance in the stairwell of the internationally renowned "Shedd Aquarium" in Chicago, Illinois. On a recent band trip to Chicago, I brought along a common DOMINION - 42 insulator, in an attempt to show it the world, such as many DOMINION insulators never will. Then, although I was unable to break the news myself, and had to have a friend do it for me, I intended to leave the insulator behind somewhere where a fellow collector might be able to find it and appreciate the abstractness of it being in Chicago, a town of HEMINGRAY insulators, where it doesn't at all belong. So, after touring various famous landmarks, such as the John Hancock Center (centre), the Sears Tower, and Buckingham Fountain, I attempted to leave it behind here in the stairwell of the Shedd Aquarium, destined for stardom in either a dusty Chicago closet, or a confused collector's hands, either way, far more than ordinary for a DOMINION - 42. Unfortunately, though, this was not the way it was meant to be. A friend of mine picked the insulator up as I walked away, and tried to give it back to me just as I reboarded the coach for the long trip home. In a last desperate attempt to bless the insulator with freedom, I left it on the pier next to the Chicago bay, adjacent to the Shedd Aquarium. But much to my surprise, my friend had followed in hot pursuit, and, with a quick swoop of the arm, and a snap of the wrist, he sent the insulator spiraling into the deep, blue waters of the Chicago bay, where I assume it still rests. So if any Chicago area collectors want to get their hands on a legit DOMINION - 42 CD 154 close to home, simply purchase a set of scuba gear, and you'll be set in no time!