William Brookfield - Signed Photo Dated 6-29-1974

By Sandia Harrison Polivka; posted April 26, 2005

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This photo was included with some reference materials Andy and I purchased. It is a Polaroid signed by William Lord Brookfield, son of Henry Morgan Brookfield (1871-1960) and Louise Lord

The photo is dated June 29, 1974, location unknown. It appears that Mr. Brookfield tried to begin his signature with a blue ballpoint pen, then realizing that it would not show up well on the surface of the Polaroid, switched to pencil.

If anyone knows of a show or other event that Mr. Brookfield attended on that date, please contact me. Thanks




Follow up response from Bob Machann 4/28/05:

Hello Sandia,

Saw the 1974 Polaroid picture of Mr. William Brookfield. This is just an educated guess, but I think that photo may have been taken at the Hershey National. June 29, 1974 was a Saturday, and the Hershey National was held that weekend. If I'm not mistaken, the Brookfield family was still living in the northeast at that time, so this also hints toward Hershey.

Hope this helps a little, Bob Machann, LSIC


Thanks very much, Bob!

Glancing at the ceiling behind Mr. B's head, the lighting does indeed look like it might belong in some type of hall, indicating this could have very well been taken at the Hershey National.

Can anyone confirm? Thanks again!