Dumb & Dumber (CD 160 "Hewingray's")

By Christian Willis; posted March 28, 2005

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On the left we have the original CD 160 (F-Skirt) HEWINGRAY (R-Skirt) NO14. Whoever embossed this insulator was not having a good day! There's an upside-down "M", a mangled "IN" and a mis-struck "Y". Then, to top things off, they used a large "O" in "No"............. Then there's the piece on the right, (F-Skirt) HEWINGRAY-14 (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. / ["NO14" blotted out]. They retooled the old mold, modifying the upper wire groove lip and adding the "needle" drips. They also blotted out "NO14" on the back, added "-14" and even bothered to FIX the messed up "Y" on the front... yet they left "HEWINGRAY"! Classic.

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