Pysanky---Ukrainian Easter Eggs

By Jim Dombrowski; posted March 27, 2005

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Designs are made using beeswax and then dipping in dye. These were made by myself around 1967 and I was 12 at the time. It was something we did at Easter. Being both Polish and Ukrainian we learned lots of traditions. The colors and designs all have different meanings. Seems the Polish were more inclined to flower designs and the Ukrainian people were into complex geometric designs. This goes back to the ancient culture of the prehistoric Trypillian region (now the Ukraine) when eggs were decorated with symbols of nature and used in sun worship ceremonies. Eggs were used because it was believed that birds were the sun god (Atar's) chosen creations because they were able to get near him, so eggs were deemed to be magical. With the beginning of Christianity the egg was used to represent the rebirth of man, symbolizing the risen Christ. Many symbols of sun worship have been adapted to represent Easter. The pictured ones are chicken eggs. I have many painted wood eggs that are works of art. Happy Easter to all who observe.