162.3 unlisted Blot out!

By Lee Brewer; posted March 15, 2005

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The title says it all! This is a (F-S) BROOKFIELD (R-S) NEW YORK / B.G.M.CO. blot-out embossing! As of today 3-15-5, this is an unlisted variant. Look at the other two pics to see it as best as I could photo it with my camera. In real life this is a VERY clear B.G.M.CO. blotted out embossing - very easy to see.

So what makes this so exciting to me? This proves that Baltimore Glass DID actually have a 162.3 mold, but, evidently, were not able to use it (to any great extent) before Brookfield took them to court/won and got their molds. B.G.M.CO. was established with a ripped off patent/idea that a Brookfield employee ( Seraphim Krebs) had devised. In fact one of Seraphim's brothers was in on the theft!

So does this mean there might be some B.G.M.CO. 162.3's out there? Since, IMHO, this is a very overlooked CD, so who knows? It would be nice if some do pop up in the future! This is the only example of the blotted one I got from a line of them on the B&LE a few years ago.