Help identify the Mystery U number

By Mike Whitaker; posted February 19, 2005

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I got this insulator with a group of other porcelain insulators but have not been able to identify it. Any help with id'ing this would be great. The color is an off white and there are no markings on it. It measures 3 5/8" across the bottom and 3 1/4" high with the inner skirt extending slightly lower than the outer. I would love to hear that this is an unmarked Locke piece but anything you can tell me about it would be great. Replies: It is a U-780 and it is worth 5 dollars*****

Looks like a U-780 to me. Here's a pic i just posted above yours in the porcelain area [id=113425798]*****

This is a U-780 made by Lapp... at times Lapp only marked every nth insulator.*****

Hi Mike, Richie Farmer posted a picture after yours that will answer your question. It is an unmarked Lapp, and these come in unmarked variety quite a bit. I think I have had a few more of the unmarked than the marked U-780s over the years, in fact.