Wooden E.C.& M. Look-alikes

By Mike Guthrie; posted February 11, 2005

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These are two specimens of an EC&M look alike insulator. I am aware of five such specimens, including these two. The pin holes are threadless and the newer looking specimen's pin hole is coated with a tar-like substance. The seller of the newer one claimed it came of a line of CEW ponies in S. Calif. The weathered one's pedigree is unknown. One was offered for sale in CJOW c. 1975. The seller acquired it from a "junk box" at the Colorado Springs National in 1971. Fred Padgett photographed another specimen in a motel along Rte. 395 outside of Yosemite N.P. It was weathered and charred as if having gone through a forest fire or two.

The pieces I have are 3,75-4" tall, 2.375" in dia. at the base, and the pin holes are 1" in dia. at the bottom and are threadless. They fit on worn pins but not new ones.

My hypothesis is that they were an inexpensive replacement or substitute for E. C. & M's. They were turned on a lathe and are the most efficient design for a turned wooden insulator. I believe they were used but few seem to have survived.