Floor/wall tubes

By Paul Greaves; posted December 25, 2004

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This picture shows a sampling of various sized floor or wall tubes. They were used to guide wires through walls and floors in buildings. At least Hemingray and probably others made them, you can find them listed in the pages copied from original Hemingray catalog pages in Clarise Gordon's book on Hemingray history (see pages 348 and 351). It's actually on sale now! http://www.insulators.info/books/hgco.htm

I also have another one marked "The E.S.G.& Co. N.Y." which I am guessing means E.S.Greely. They are typically threaded on the outside, and have a 6 or 8-sided flange at one end for threading them into a hole. They also come plain, with smooth sides.