By Barrett Nicpon; posted November 18, 2001

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This is a plastic insulator, given to me when they were taking down some poles along a railroad track a few kilometers from my house. It's only embossing is three large, uppercase letters spelling REN. Any ideas? -----------------------------------------------------------------Blah! I figured it out! These distasteful little buggers are about mediocre as insulators come. Not to be negative about it, they still kick arse, but they're just a common last-generation CD 154 replacement piece. They come with multiple acronym embossings, to date I've found REN, CTC, and L-W. There could be more, but we'll have to find them, eh? After this dry spell, these plastic 154s are looking more and more tasty all the time! Oh my lord... what have I said?!?!?!?!?!?!?