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By Wesley Lirette; posted December 2, 2004

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Due to all the people this trade offer offended, you win it is now out of the for sale section. for those it did not offend, there are still some available, and ill try to keep my site updated with the correct picture of what is left.

UPDATE !!! I have posted a picture of the above insulators which has the ones that are in process of trade or which are gone erased from them. Also i have listed some Glass on the same page which i will be adding more and more.

I am preparing to offer some of my insulators for trade to other collectors who may wish to add some fillers to their collection. I am starting tonight with showing my non glass insulators. I know this picture has many insulators in it, but I'm just seeing if there is any interest.

i am looking for CD 145 glass, any manufacture is fine. I am looking for any value CD 145 for now, i am weeding out my collection and i have decided to just collect CD 102, 121, 143, 145, 154 and just a few other singles.

I have no idea what the insulators in this picture are valued at, so i won't be listing a trade value for these. I am open to offers 1 for 1 or multiple of mine for 1 or 2 of yours. Basically i am doing this to help fellow collectors get and show these insulators instead of them hiding in my garage for no one to see. Because of this i am not worried about dollar for dollar value. Some times mine might be worth more what i am getting, some times yours might be worth more. I feel that in the spirit of trading we can all add some change to our collections.

As far as shipping i will pay my end to Canada or the USA and i will use expedited services to help it get there faster, in some cases even air when the price is right. Where you are paying the shipping on yours, your choice is fine with me.

If there is any insulator you want more details of let me know the row and what # it is from the left, ill get you a picture of it and any details.

I work every day so i will take the picture that night of your request and reply when i get home.

I hope this is not too confusing. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.