CD 145 Beehives - olive amber Sold

By Judd Moody; posted November 28, 2004

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Here are five great CD 145 beehives - all Brookfield products embossed with a B. From left to right: Olive amber with light tiger-striping. True amber coloring and swirls - not just a dark olive that you see more often. Slightly more amber colored than the picture shows. Some light tiger-striping where the swirls are more defined. Condition: 1 internal fracture that circles where the skirts meet. Does not go all the way around and there is no glass missing. Displays near mint on the shelf. No damage elsewhere - base and inner skirt look great. Would easily be a $75+ piece without the fracture. Great color. (Wish I had a CREB beehive this dark amber!) Dark olive green with light amber swirls. Small internal fracture where the skirts meet along with a wire groove peck and dome ping. Also displays near mint. Yellow olive green. Very off center pinhole and pinched wire groove. 2 small, clean chips at wire groove. Very vibrant color. Yellow green. Color is slightly darker than picture shows. A good amount of snow in the glass. VNM condition - no chips / cracks. Emerald green. Picture is slightly too blue. Definitely not aqua. Also VNM condition. Overall - this set would usually bring me $110-$130 in mint condition. All display great with the flaws. $45 + shipping. SOLD. Thanks