Rare Green Lefferts Pilgrim Hat

By Dudley Ellis; posted November 8, 2004

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You are viewing a rare CD 737 green Lefferts. This is a new color in this CD. The insulator is in excellent condition for having been buried in Georgia soil for probably more than a hundred years. These insulators most likely date from the 1850's. The Lefferts pilgrim style hats have been found in New Jersey, New England and in the South. This prize was found recently by bottle diggers working a construction site in Eastern Georgia. There is a small fingernail slice on the right rear near the base. Additionally, there is one small nibble on the base and a few short surface cracks radiating up from the base. Serious buyers please contact me by email or phone at 770-957-9928 for additional details on this top shelf piece. Price is $4500.00 plus shipping and insurance