What are the CD numbers to these CAL insulators?

By Caleb Thimell; posted October 29, 2004

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The attractive deep plum is a CD 161 (4 1/4 inches tall by 3 inches wide), but is the CAL on the right measuring 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide is a CD 162. By the way the CAL on the right is more green-aqua looking than the photo shows and yet the deep plum still looks accurate.

The insulator on the right is indeed a CD 162. The measurement is not the key id item to distinguish between the two. Instead, look for an "A" on the dome (some will not have it) = a CD 161 or a raised glass area (and/or dots) on the dome = CD 162.

Thanks to Brent (first in the West to reply!), Dwayne, Colin, and Denley for your assistance!