CD 143.4 Brookfields

By Elton Gish; posted October 24, 2004

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Have you ever seen a CD 143.4 Brookfield? They are identical to CD 145. On the left is a B beehive. The one in the middle is embossed W. BROOKFIELD // NEW YORK. (note period after the K, so unlisted). The one on the right was split in half, then suffered a shattering fall. It is embossed similar to [020] but has a period after 83, short underlined "T" in "ST", no "TH" after NOV. 13, and a period after the 13. So, this one is unlisted. I've had two of these for 25 years and never seen another one. I have heard of a couple of other CD 143.4's. Any Brookfield CD 143.4 should be valued much higher than the Price Guide. Try to find one. Click on the link to see the bottom: [id=103222696]