Toughest Critter Know to Man - pic 1 !

By Lee Brewer; posted October 14, 2004

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So how does this little guy LIVE in there?!

Here is a pic of the toughest critter I have ever seen! Not only is he living inside of a hot pepper -- not only is this hot pepper a Habanero pepper - but this is the type of Habanero known as a Caribbean Red! What does that mean? Let's put it this way... the dreaded-by-most Jalapeno pepper ranks a very high 7,000 Scoville units on the hot pepper scale. This is normally quite a bit more than most people want and is hotter than most restaurant hot sauces. The Caribbean Red is known to be 250,000 Scovilles for a 'dud" to a 500,000 Scovilles for the hottest ones! In other words, Jalapenos are low enough on the list compared to these that you may as well forget calling them hot!

I know that after handling a habanero of any sort that the residue on the outside of the pepper is hot enough that I dare not rub my eyes. This little guy lives in constant contact with the incredibly hot juices within AND in contact with the seeds and vanes within the pepper which are the hottest parts! [id=102346604] for a better shot.