December 2006 - Holiday Season

The "Insulator Tree"

Anna Perreira wrote:

"I registered on ICON yesterday [Decmeber 19, 2006]. An Internet friend, you probably know him, Lee Brewer thought I should post a picture of my Christmas Tree. I feel a bit silly about it but I'll let you decide. A quick summary; While searching for insulators on an old line 20 miles north of me I came across a petite B, CD145. I'm fairly new to the sport but was stumped by the diminutive size. Searching the net I was directed to Lee Brewer and we got to e-mailing each other. He's been very patient with me as I always have questions. I've gone on several insulator hunts and send Lee photos of what I've found. I live in South Central Idaho, close to Nevada and Wyoming where countless miles of old lines still stand. I love the glass Baubles and thought a Christmas Tree would be fun to make as I have tons of commons. This tree is a prototype and very heavy, about 5 & 1/2 feet high. It's nailed and screwed very well into an old wood coffee table and is sturdy but what a project. "


    First, welcome to ICON! Second, a "bit silly"? But aren't we all? Have some fun! Third, if you say this is a prototype, we are all dying to see what you might consider the "final project"... How can you top this? :-)

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