Collection Stolen - LRB's, arrows, license plates

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Dear Collectors,

This morning I received a call informing me that the collection of Harry Splitstone of Fremont, Michigan had been stolen. There were no insulators among the items lost, however, Harry lost over 50 lightning rod balls, over 100 arrows and 25 vintage license plates. I make you aware of such a tragedy because there are many collectors of insulators who cross-collect other items. The arrows were exceptional and many were one-of-a-kind -- figural pigs, horses, donkey, car, sheep. There were glasstail arrows as well. The 25 license plates were first year editions worth more than $500 a piece.

I share this with you so that you are alert when attending shows, flea markets or even backyard sales. Any information regarding sales stock that seems suspicious may be directed to my attention.

You can imagine what a loss like this has done to a fellow collector's spirit.

Carol McDougald

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Written Saturday, March 8, 1997