CJ and NIA statistics for ICON members

Statistics for All ICON members

Total members2,767100%
CJ only2338%
NIA only2198%
CJ and NIA49918%
CJ or NIA95134%
At least CJ73226%
At least NIA71826%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,81666%
Attend shows1,57057%

Statistics for ICON members subscribed to the mailing list

Total members1,950100%
CJ only1759%
NIA only1648%
CJ and NIA42022%
CJ or NIA75939%
At least CJ59531%
At least NIA58430%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,19161%
Attend shows1,21162%

Statistics for ICON members not subscribed to the mailing list

Total members817100%
CJ only587%
NIA only557%
CJ and NIA7910%
CJ or NIA19224%
At least CJ13717%
At least NIA13416%
Neither CJ nor NIA62576%
Attend shows35944%