CJ and NIA statistics for ICON members

Statistics for All ICON members

Total members2,807100%
CJ only2519%
NIA only2148%
CJ and NIA50718%
CJ or NIA97235%
At least CJ75827%
At least NIA72126%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,83565%
Attend shows1,58056%

Statistics for ICON members subscribed to the mailing list

Total members1,973100%
CJ only18810%
NIA only1588%
CJ and NIA42321%
CJ or NIA76939%
At least CJ61131%
At least NIA58129%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,20461%
Attend shows1,22062%

Statistics for ICON members not subscribed to the mailing list

Total members834100%
CJ only638%
NIA only567%
CJ and NIA8410%
CJ or NIA20324%
At least CJ14718%
At least NIA14017%
Neither CJ nor NIA63176%
Attend shows36043%