CJ and NIA statistics for ICON members

Statistics for All ICON members

Total members2,110100%
CJ only21410%
NIA only1487%
CJ and NIA38618%
CJ or NIA74835%
At least CJ60028%
At least NIA53425%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,36265%
Attend shows1,37265%

Statistics for ICON members subscribed to the mailing list

Total members1,653100%
CJ only16410%
NIA only1227%
CJ and NIA35922%
CJ or NIA64539%
At least CJ52332%
At least NIA48129%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,00861%
Attend shows1,11868%

Statistics for ICON members not subscribed to the mailing list

Total members457100%
CJ only5011%
NIA only266%
CJ and NIA276%
CJ or NIA10323%
At least CJ7717%
At least NIA5312%
Neither CJ nor NIA35477%
Attend shows25456%