CJ and NIA statistics for ICON members

Statistics for All ICON members

Total members2,761100%
CJ only2499%
NIA only2118%
CJ and NIA49518%
CJ or NIA95535%
At least CJ74427%
At least NIA70626%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,80665%
Attend shows1,55456%

Statistics for ICON members subscribed to the mailing list

Total members1,940100%
CJ only18710%
NIA only1558%
CJ and NIA41321%
CJ or NIA75539%
At least CJ60031%
At least NIA56829%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,18561%
Attend shows1,19962%

Statistics for ICON members not subscribed to the mailing list

Total members821100%
CJ only628%
NIA only567%
CJ and NIA8210%
CJ or NIA20024%
At least CJ14418%
At least NIA13817%
Neither CJ nor NIA62176%
Attend shows35543%