CJ and NIA statistics for ICON members

Statistics for All ICON members

Total members2,364100%
CJ only2019%
NIA only2089%
CJ and NIA48521%
CJ or NIA89438%
At least CJ68629%
At least NIA69329%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,47062%
Attend shows1,45161%

Statistics for ICON members subscribed to the mailing list

Total members1,782100%
CJ only1639%
NIA only1609%
CJ and NIA41423%
CJ or NIA73741%
At least CJ57732%
At least NIA57432%
Neither CJ nor NIA1,04559%
Attend shows1,15465%

Statistics for ICON members not subscribed to the mailing list

Total members582100%
CJ only387%
NIA only488%
CJ and NIA7112%
CJ or NIA15727%
At least CJ10919%
At least NIA11920%
Neither CJ nor NIA42573%
Attend shows29751%