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Andrew Gibson
5997 Springwater Road
Dansville, NY 14437


My main interest is the wide variety of threaded glass insulator shapes. For the longest time I collected only the integral CD numbers from 100 through 308. As my collection has become more complete, those have become more difficult to acquire. As a result, I now attempt the impossible and am searching for one of each CD. My favorite CD at the moment is CD 160, and I have a reasonably sized collection of various examples (if you have a CD 160 Whitall Tatum [030], with the WT logo but without the "CO", or any NO NAME examples -- I'd love to buy them from you!). I also am interested in getting each primary embossing, as well as an example with each of the embossed patent dates. In addition, I've always been in love with France. I was an exchange student there for a summer, and have managed to find a good number of French insulators. I also have a number of German pieces (from my relatives there), Ireland (thanks to one vacation), Australia (via trades), and Spain (thanks to a relative in the military). All my insulators are on display somewhere in our house, mainly on bookshelves but also scattered here and there throughout the place. As of August, 2012, I have over 1000 insulators. That includes more than 260 different CDs from North America; over 70 French insulators; more than 110 from other countries; around 75 porcelain; and well over 300 baby signals.

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