Shaun Kotlarsky's Insulator Page

My name is Shaun Kotlarsky and I have been collecting insulators since 1991. I am 22 years old. I live in Michigan. I have over 4,000 insulators. I specialize in Hemingray Glass Co. This includes all the go-withs. You can see more photos and info. on the Go-Withs on my Hemingray on-line museum at

My favorite glass insulator is a CD 287.1 in Peacock Blue that I don't own (yet...), and the Fisher CD 265 is my favorite one that I own 4 of ! My favorite porcelain is my M-4325 in gray, unembossed, the only one known to be unembossed. My favorite Hemingray go-with I have would either be my K of L match safe or the Egyptian lamp it is hard to decide they both are Amazing pieces of Hemingray glass! I have a cat named Hemingray, she is beige and gray, and is my most valuable Hemingray!

Other things I am into are…

Macintosh Computers, I have several high end Macs and an Mac OS X server in my home network (including a G4 with DVD-RW drive and a 22" Apple LCD monitor) I enjoy making digital video and DVD authoring. I use Final Cut Pro, iMovie, DVD Studio pro, iDVD on Mac OS X to do this, and a Canon GL 1 3 CCD Mini DV camera.

I am also in to Alfa Romeo cars. I have an Alfa Romeo 164 L. It is a very fun car to own and drive, it has every available option on it!

What I am looking for…

I specialize in Hemingray Glass Company, including all water bottles, beer bottles, glass blocks, fruit jars from HGCo. Anything HGCo made. Sometimes embossed with the Owens Illinois logo.

CD 271 Hemingray!I collect all insulators Hemingray made, including:

  • H.G.CO.
  • PATENT DEC. 19, 1871
  • PATENT MAY 2 1893
  • and some others.

Take a look at this wild Hemingray! Only a piece was found at the Hemingray dump, but is was enough to reconstruct the whole insulator! Graphics editors and the Mac are amazing!

Written by Shaun Kotlarsky,