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Brief rundown of me and my insulators...

I have been an active insulator collector since 1993, when I spotted my first insulator at my Grandparent's house. At the time I was in fifth grade and already had a keen interest in other antiques and collectibles. When I found out, a year later, that there were other insulator collectors like me I seemed to jump into the hobby with all four feet. After going to a few of the Lone Star Insulator Club (LSIC) meetings I realized that living in Houston was pretty cool! At the meetings so many legends in the hobby attended like Marilyn Albers, Elton Gish, John Hall, and N.R. "Woody" Woodward, just to name a few. These people took me in and basically were like my mentors in introducing me to a new hobby. Almost everyone that I have met in the hobby has become super friends of mine. One of the first duties I served towards our local club, LSIC, was taking over the job as Newsletter Editor. Though this only lasted a year, due to conflicts with school, I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I am serving my second term as Vice President for LSIC. Currently, I am a home schooled 9th grader in High School and recently have been ask by Carol McDougald to edit a future column in Crown Jewels focusing on the youth in the hobby. Also, look forward to in the near future an insulator club targeting the junior insulator collectors in the hobby. Right now I have about 20 kids on the Junior Insulator Collectors Roster. So if you are younger than 21 years of age and you love to collect insulators then send me your name, address, and phone number!

What do I collect?

I am still trying to narrow this section down, so bear with me here. The insulators that are most appealing to me would be the colorful and unusual styles in glass. My favorite glass piece in my collection is my CD 151 N.A.T.Co. in peacock blue. Now with porcelain, I collect the early classic styles focusing on Fred M. Locke pieces and porcelain insulators from the United Kingdom. My favorite porcelain insulator would be my U-928 Boch Patent made by Thomas. I also love to collect the early lily shelled multipart insulators and my absolute favorite multipart is the M-3250 that a good friend of mine owns, so I just drool over it at his house.

Other Interests...

As I said above that I am a natural antique and collectible lover, so I have many other little collections all over our house. Another true love of mine is art glass. I love to decorate with and admire hand blown vases and other pieces of art. When I get a chance to watch a glass blower work, I can guarantee you I will be on the first row in awe. Some of my other collections include: Vintage 19th century cash registers, cameras, music memorabilia, and World War I posters.

Contacting me is easy...

Spencer Howard

Written by Spencer Howard,

Last updated Friday, March 7, 1997

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